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HDL90 is a high-purity Universal Synthetic formula offering superior flow characteristics and friction reduction technology for gear, gasoline, and diesel engine oils. HDL90 is intended to be blended with all conventional engine and gear oils to improve the protection of metal parts operating in harsh environments. It also enhances the oil’s ability to neutralize contaminants and acidic byproducts, improve shear stability and oxidation resistance, and improve wear protection through proprietary lubrication and additive technology. It forms a tough boundary lubricant film, resulting in lower energy, fuel consumption, wear, and operating temperature. HDL90 offers improved protection during startup and in cold weather applications. 

It is strongly advised for use in equipment equipped with DPF (diesel particulate filter) systems. Also suitable for two-stroke, natural gas, and propane engines. HDL90 is ideal for high-mileage vehicles because it improves seals and cleans them. It has no solid particles or heavy metals and meets manufacturer specifications for low-ash (SAPS) oil content. The additive package depletes the life of a fluid, and it can potentially extend fluid life and slow oil degradation. Friction reduction limits the effects of oil oxidation in boundary or mixed lubrication regimes. HDL90 can also treat oil that has lost critical chemistry over its service life and reduce the Total Acid Number (TAN). Oil testing and analysis are recommended when extending the service life of the oil.

Gas Engine
HDL is best for extending the useful life of your equipment and is an excellent multi-functional oil additive. It is most compatible with gasoline engine oils meeting API SM/SN and ILSAC GF-5 standards, and a balanced Group II hydrocracked engine oil formulation was created.

Whether you are a mechanic, farmer, or truck owner, HDL is the best multi-functioning oil additive for maximizing the performance and durability of your machinery. With its balanced hydrocracked Group II formula, HDL deeply penetrates engine parts to reduce wear and tear even under the most severe conditions. In addition, this innovative oil additive protects against oxidation-related damage and neutralizes corrosive by-products to extend the service life of your equipment. So, if you want to keep your machinery running smoothly and efficiently for years to come, look no further than HDL as your go-to solution for all your multi-functional oil needs.

HDL is compatible with mineral-based (Group II + III) and synthetic-based polyalphaolefin and diester (Group IV) engine oils bearing API service categories SM, SN. HDL contains no solid particles or heavy metals and is compatible with manufacturer specifications for extended-service engine oils.

Diesel Engine
HDL is made to enhance maintenance procedures and the performance of internal combustion engines. Designed to blend with engine oils, it protects equipment under severe conditions and extends the life of your machinery. HDL increases service life by improving the following:

The ability of the oil to neutralize contaminants and acidic by-products
Sheer stability and oxidation resistance
Wear protection with proprietary lubrication chemistry and additive technology

HDL is compatible with mineral-based Group II + III) and synthetic-based polyalphaolefin and diester (Group IV) engine oils bearing API service categories CJ-4, SM, SN, and ILSAC GF-5 specifications. HDL contains no solid particles or heavy metals and is compatible with manufacturer specifications requiring low-ash (SAPS) oil content. HDL: Use API CJ-4 diesel oils or high mileage oils with API SM/SN. They are intended for internal combustion engines and compatible with API service categories before SM / CJ-4.

HDL is designed for long-term wear protection in cold conditions. Extreme pressure gear oils (API GL-3, GL-4, GL-5, SAE J2360) contain specific additive formulas that protect against long-term wear.

HDL is a commercial additive package designed to blend with these oils to complement and enhance equipment protection under challenging performance requirements (Hotbox situations) where the oil alone proves inadequate.‚Äč Conventional EP additives generally require elevated temperatures to initiate their film strength. The enhanced high-strength protective film becomes much less temperature dependent when using HDL, providing better protection on start-up and cold-weather applications.

Mineral-based (Group II + III) and synthetic-based (Group IV) polyalphaolefin and diester gear oils are compatible with HDL. Phosphate esters, polyglycol fluids, and water-based fluids are not suggested for use with HDL. Use with API GL-3, GL-4, and GL5 gear oils, SAE J2360, and the recommended concentration for most applications is 5% HDL to oil volume ratio. Oil monitoring is strongly advised when using amounts more than 5%.

Available in 300ml, 1 Litre, 4 Litre and 10 Litre bottles

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•    Improves HP.

•    Increases asset life.

•    Improves energy efficiency, fuel economy and reduces carbon emissions.

•    Integrates well with synthetic and conventional engine oils.

•    Eliminates dry starts.

•    Reduces Ultrasonic noise caused by internal friction and component wear.

•    Extreme Pressure and shock load protection.

•    Increases equipment availability; extends component life.

•    Extends oil service life.

•    Enhances film strength and improves shear resistance.                                                                  -

•    Reduces power draw.

HDL90 for engine oils is designed to be used with all traditional motor oils meeting API SP/ILSAC GF 6A /6B and CK-4 and earlier grades requiring low ash requirements at 5% HDL90 of oil volume.