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Nutcracker Lubricating-Penetrating Oil


Often described as New Zealand's best kept secret!

Nutcracker is a unique multi use fluid specially formulated for New Zealand requirements to be both a penetrating and lubricating oil as well as a machining compound. Unlike many other penetrating fluids, the anti rust component is non toxic giving Nutcracker a pleasant sweet odour.

Nutcracker comes in a manual dispensing bottle rather than an aerosol container and is MPI approved C-12.

Nutcracker has many uses ranging from wire ropes, scaffholding protection, shearing hand pieces, generalhandy man + many more!

Also available in 10 & 20 Litre jerry cans - Price on application

Safety data sheet

Nutcracker's unique formulation provides excellent penetrating and lubricating qualities that frees up rusted and seized components. It also leaves a coating that protects metals from corrosive elements and reduces friction on moving parts.

Nutcracker has a multitude of everyday uses, check out the list below of applications where Nutcracker has been used successfully.

* Wire ropes

* Spinners on fertilizer spreaders

* Scaffolding clamps

* Where grease can be to messy eg, post rammers, car transporter spindles

* Cutting Oils

* Oiling wood

* Cleaning plastics (cleans stickers of plastic with no damage)

* Shearing combs

* Bike chains (avoid the brakes!)

* Door runners

* Noisy hinges

* Fishing reels

* Sewing Machines

* Model Trains

* Gun Oil




To use as penetrant on heavily rusted nuts and bolts, spray it on, let it sit for a while, then try to turn the nut or bolt. Once it breaks free, work the thread back and forth, spraying more Nutcracker on as required. Use it the same way to tap and die.

For use in a lathe, dilute at a rate of 20%, 4 parts water to one part Nutcracker. As Nutcracker does not contain vegetable or animal based products, it is much more stable and less likely "to go off" producing malodorous odours. Nutcracker comes in a manual dispensing bottle rather than an aerosol container.