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ThixOfood2 400g


A high performance food grade grease that excels in extreme conditions.

Demmed to be non toxic and MPI aproved C15

Combining advanced EP/AW chemistry provides superior high load and extreme pressure protection to over 1.4 GPa without the use of solid lubricants such as molybdenum compounds. Highly compatible with other types of greases. ‚Äč

ThixOfood2’s unique chemistry provides excellent:

* Low temperature pumpability
* Superior stability at high temperatures
* High dropping point
* Efficacy in wet and corrosive environments

This is an approved NSF HI registered grease #159557 and meeting FDA 21 CFR 178.3570.

For use as a multipurpose grease in food processing or machinery applications requiring a grease where incidental food contact may occur. High temperature utilization is limited by the oxidation resistance of the white oil and not by the dropping point of the grease.

ThixOfood2 is also available in cases of 10 tubes and 17kg pails. Price on application

Safety data sheet

ThixOfood2’s unique chemistry provides excellent low temperature pumpability, superior stability at high temperatures and has a high dropping point. Suitable for 
plain and anti-friction bearings, slides and beverage processing such as seamers closers and other moving parts.

Excellent efficacy in wet and corrosive environments.