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Provide excellent protection in extreme conditions with multi-purpose grease, ThixOgrease2.

ThixOgrease2 is specifically engineered to provide outstanding results in:

* Extreme conditions
* High and low speed operation 
* Centralized lube systems
* Efficiency under extreme loads and pressures
* Sheer stability
* Exhibits temperature range of -35°C to >250°C (dependent on application requirements)

ThixOgrease2 uses an advanced thickening agent (Overbased Calcium Sulfonate) and superior additive technology which exhibits a water resistance in excess of 20 times that of conventional grease thickeners.

Proven to deliver performance in:

* Agriculture

* Heavy Machinery/Civil/Mining

* Engineering

* Forestry

* Marine

* Manufacturing

* Transport

For use in centralized greasing systems and as a multipurpose high performance grease to provide protection over a broad range of conditions.

ThixOgrease2 is deemed to be non toxic and is MPI Approved C15

ThixOgrease2 is also available in cases of 10 tubes, 17kg pails, 55kg kegs and 125/250ml Electrolubers.  ThixOgrease0 grade grease is available in 17kg pails. Price on application




Safety data sheet

The primary benefit of ThixOgrease2 is friction reduction metal-to-metal contact causes component wear. ThixOgrease2 excels in applications where high temperatures, extreme pressures, high loads, low speeds and the presence of water and corrosion are expected. This grease possess the amazing ability to return to its original form after being subjected to severe mechanical shear stress and extreme temperature, maintaining the integrity of the protective film.

  • ThixOgrease2 reduces ultrasonic noise created by component wear.
  • With its very high dropping point and excellent low temperature pumpability, ThixOgrease2 is amendable to wide operating temperatures that range from -35°C to 250°C.
  • ThixOgrease2 is formulated with superior rust and corrosion inhibitors and withstands contamination. These features are critical to protecting your equipment components.
  • With its exceptional resistance to water-washout, ThixOgrease2 functions well in marine, pulp and paper, and similar applications.
  • ThixOgrease2 has outstanding shear stability that minimizes its re-lubrication intervals and re-lubrication requirements.
  • ThixOgrease2 is ideal for use in centralized lubricating systems.

ThixOgrease2 is recommended for applications where multi-purpose, extreme pressure grease is specified. ThixOgrease2 can be used as lubricating grease in all types of equipment including, but not limited to, bearings, pins and bushings, king pins and valves. It has been used successfully in most applications, including marine, agricultural, industrial, pulp and paper, and mobile equipment.