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GEN49D Diesel Fuel Treatment 1 Litre


A Complete service diesel treatment designed to balance cetane increases with advanced lubricity protection, detergents, fuel stabilizers, water seperation and anti-gel to keep fuel running in extreme cold. For use with all diesel engines including high pressure, common rail fuel injection systems. Highly recommend for use with bioDisesel blends, bulk storage tanks and when operating at subzero temperatures.

Mix the approriate dosage of GEN49D with fuel as a regular treatment or with batch blending.

* Boosts cetane
* Prevents winter gelling
* Keeps fuel systems running smoothly with lubricity agents, fuel stabilizers and detergents

Gen49D is designed to protect:

* Critical fuel system components
* When using ULSD #2 or BioDIESEL blends (B5, B20).

It meets or surpasses all the regulatory criteria set forth by OEM’s and legislative groups.

Gen49D provides performance enhancements to diesel fuel to help meet the demanding needs of specific applications that require additional additives as recommended by the OEM. Fuel economy improvements are achieved through the use of cetane improvers and maintaining the cleanliness of fuel system with detergents and synthetic lubricity agents which keeps engines running at peak performance.

Available in the below sizes:

1 Litre 

4 Litre - Price on application

10 Litre - Price on application

20 Litre - Price on application

Safety data sheet

• Provides thermal and oxidative stability.
• Improves fuel economy.
• Maintains injector and fuel filter life.
• Reduces NOx emissions and particulate matter.
• Rust and corrosion protection.
• Reduces costs of maintenance and downtime.
• Contains stability additive to prevent the formation 
   of particulates from stressed fuel.
• Compatible with high pressure fuel injection 
   systems and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).


Base fuel quality does not always meet OEM fuel requirements.

Consult OEM fuel specifications for recommendations about when equipment requires the use of Gen49D. EPA 40 CFR 79.23 194620003

Gen49D: To be continuously or batch blended into diesel fuel as a concentrate or as a stock solution. In bulk storage tanks, mix enough Gen49D to treat the entire fill amount. Use AccuPOUR or similar measuring device to ensure accurate treat ratio.


Gen49D to Diesel Lubrication Blend Ratio

Gen49D with Cetane Improver should be added with each fuel fill at the
rate of 0.05% (Summer) or 0.1% (Winter). Please see the below information for
Blend ratio.

Summer Months 0.05%
(0.5 ml per litre fuel)

1 Litre treats 2000 Litres of fuel

4 Litres treats 8000 Litres of fuel

10 Litres treats 20,000 Litres of fuel

20 Litres treats 40,000 Litres of fuel

Winter Months 0.1%
(1 ml per litre fuel)

1 Litre treats 1000 Litre of fuel

4 Litres treats 4000 Litres of fuel

10 Litres treats 10,000 Litres of fuel

20 Litres treats 20,000 Litres of fuel