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Gunmate 100ml


Firearm owners are well aware of how the use of an effective lubricant is a vital component of a maintenance program if stoppage and other mechanical problems are to be avoided.

After firing, lead particles and scraps from the bullet head adhere to the sides of the gun's barrel and cylinder, making it difficult to clean. In addition, the gun powder that is left behind may accumulate in the form of a hardened carbon residue. After repeated firing, these two problems accumulate, leading to further lead and carbon build-ups on the trigger and cylinder, ultimately causing these mechanisms to become jammed.

Gunmate has been specifically designed for use in recreational and military firearms. Gunmate applied during regular maintenance and cleaning, will form a protective film which reduces the damaging friction that occurs because of the metal-to-metal contact between the bullet and the bore interface. The resulting reduction in barrel wear and temperature that is due to the reduced friction will prolong the life of the firearm, while also reducing the likelihood of jamming. In addition to this superb wear reduction, Gunmate is also formulated with special anti-corrosion properties. 

Safety data sheet

Testing has shown that Gunmate has significantly increased bullet speed while also reducing the barrel temperature of the firearm. The increase in bullet speed through reduced friction can necessitate sighting recalibration. Barrel temperature testing showed a drop of up to 60 C after the application of Gunmate.

Simple to apply, Power Up Gunmate can be used to clean the firearm, then wiped dry. A light, thin coating of Gunmate can then be applied to all metal surfaces and moving parts, using a lint-free swab. Any excess lubricant that may have accumulated should be wiped off.