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EngineMaxx LA 1 Litre




EngineMaxx LA is designed for improving combustion engine performance and enhances maintenance practices.

EngineMaxxLA is designed to:

* Blend with engine oils 
* Protect equipment under severe conditions
* Extend service life of machinery 

EngineMaxxLA increases service life by improving: 

* Ability of the oil to neutralize contaminants and acidic by-products
* Sheer stability and oxidation resistance
* Wear protection with proprietary lubrication chemistry and additive technology

EngineMaxxLA is compatible with mineral based Group II + III) and synthetic-based polyalphaolefin and diester (Group IV) engine oils bearing API service categories CJ-4, SM, SN and ILSAC GF-5 specifications. EngineMaxxLA contains no solid particles or heavy metals and is compatible with manufacturer specifications requiring low-ash (SAPS) oil content. EngineMaxxLA: Use with API CJ-4 diesel oils or high mileage oils with API SM/SN. Intended for internal combustion engines. Also compatible with API service categories before SM / CJ-4.

Can be supplied in 4, 10, 20 Litre bottles - Price on application

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* Extend oil service life.
* Improves energy efficiency and fuel 
* Integrates well with synthetic and 
  conventional engine oils.
* Eliminates dry starts.
* Reduces Ultrasonic noise caused by 
  component wear.
* Improves filtration efficiency by reducing the 
  generation of large wear particles.
* Increases equipment availability; extends 
   component life.
* Provides greater protection for engines.
* Enhances film strength and improves shear

Over the life of a fluid the additive package depletes. EngineMaxxLA can extend fluid life and slow the process of oil degradation. Friction reduction specifically in boundary or mixed lubrication conditions lowers operating temperature, limiting the effects of oil oxidation. EngineMaxxLA can also be used to re-additize oil that has lost crucial additives over the service life of the oil.

This carefully balanced formula is designed to complement and enhance the existing API oil formulations. EngineMaxxLA should be mixed with the oil prior to putting in the application. May be added to crankcase directly when needed. Oil analysis is recommended when extending fluid service life. TREAT RATIO 3%-5% oil volume depending on severity of service.

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