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Surface Sanitiser 500ml


Power Up Lubricants surface sanitiser spray is a premium quality, food grade, all-purpose cleaner-sanitiser, formulated for use in kitchen food preparations and storage areas. It has a near neutral pH, is mild to use, yet has excellent cleaning and degreasing capabilities. it may be used for general purpose cleaning, sink washing of pots and cooking utensils and heavy-duty cleaning of floors. Our surface sanitiser is odourless and has high suds retention.

Passes TGA Disinfectant Test - Commercial Grade C at a dilution of 1:60

Also available in 10 Litre jerry cans, tap and trigger dispense bottle - Price on application

* Excellent cleaner and degreaser:
* Cuts grease and fat from all surfaces
* Sanitising properties:
* Has the potential to reduce bacterial loading onfood preparation surfaces and equipment
* High suds retention: Excellent for manual sink washing of pots, pans and cooking utensils
* Odourless: Provides food grade conditions.

Do not mix with other chemicals or detergent.
May be diluted and dispensed through all automatic proportioning and tap-fitted dispensers.

ALL PURPOSE CLEANING – Walls, Benches etc
1. Use spray bottle provided. Do not dilute. Product is pre-diluted and ready to use.