ThixoSYN is a next generation synthetic grease that has exceptional load carrying properties (up to 1.4 GPa [200,000]psi) and is a highly efficient boundary lubricant.  It has been formulated to be effective over a wide temperature range, with excellent low temperature pumpability (down to -40C), prolonged life, remarkable water washout resistance and superior rust prevention characteristics.
Maryn ThixoSYN is Specificallly Engineered to:
Protect Over a Wide Temperature Range - ThixoSYN has a wide operational range from -40C to 250C (-40F to 482F) making it an ideal product for use in extreme temperatures.

Resist Moisture - In addition to the superiro additive technology used in its manufacture, ThixoSYN uses an overbased calcium sulfonate thickener which offers exceptional salt spray and water-corrosion resistance.  The severe salt fog spray test (ASTM B117) exhibits a water resistance in excess of 20 times that of many conventional lithium based greases.  This combination creates a grease that excels at repelling water ingress while minimizing oil separation and grease hardening.  This makes ThixoSYN ideal for operation in mining environments, pulp & paper, suspension bridges, automotive or other applications exposed to salt conditions.

Protect Against Corrosion - Rust and corrosion inhibitors fight oxidation, withstand contamination and protect critical components while a high quality base oil ensures a longer operational lifetime.

Minimize Lubrication Frequency & Extend Component Life- ThixoSYN exhibits a high shear stability minimizing oil separation and prolonging the life of grease which results in reduced relubrication intervals.  Extreme pressure and anti-wear additives reduce friction and component wear, prolonging the life of the equipment.

Whenever two greases with different thickener systems are mixed in-service, there is a possibility of incompatibility resulting in poor performance.  It is always preferable and advisable to thoroughly clean the old grease out of any bearing or housing prior to the application of new grease.  In cases where this is impossible or impractical, the grease compatibility chart below can be used as a general compatibility guide.  However, caution must be exercised since the chart cannot encompass all brands of each grease classification.
Handling Information: ThixoSYN can be handled using conventional grease handling and dispensing methods.

Safety Information: For extensive information on the the safe handling of ThixoSYN, please see the Material Safety Data Sheet.