Thixogrease is a multi-purpose grease that is designed to provide superior protection for equipment operating in the boundary lubrication regime where contacting surfaces, in relative motion, experience increased friction and wear. Due to its exceptional performance within the boundary lubrication conditions, Thixogrease is ideal for applications where high loads, high temperatures and/or extreme pressures exist. . Thixogrease demonstrates superior resistance to water-washout and effectively prevents rust and corrosion. Thixogrease has been proven to excel in conditions where conventional greases fail.

Thixogrease is an advanced grease blend that incorporates a quality thickening agent, lubricating oil and performance additives.  Together, these components create grease that has exceptional mechanical stability. Over time, Thixogrease experiences minimal oil separation and hardening. It also demonstrates excellent compatibility with traditional soap-based grease.

Primary Benefit of Thixogrease:
The primary benefit of Thixogrease is friction reduction metal-to-metal contact causes component wear. Thixogrease excels in applications where high temperatures, extreme pressures, high loads, low speeds and the presence of water and corrosion are expected.
Secondary Benefits of Thixogrease:
  • Thixogrease reduces ultrasonic noise created by component wear.
  • With its very high dropping point and excellent low temperature pumpability, Thixogrease is amendable to wide operating temperatures that range from -18oC to 250oC (0oF to 480oF).
  • Thixogrease is formulated with superior rust and corrosion inhibitors and withstands contamination. These features are critical to protecting your equipment components.
  • With its exceptional resistance to water-washout, Thixogrease functions well in marine, pulp and paper, and similar applications.
  • Thixogrease has outstanding shear stability that minimizes its re-lubrication intervals and re-lubrication requirements.
  • Thixogrease is ideal for use in centralized lubricating systems.
Product Application and Availability:
Thixogrease is recommended for applications where multi-purpose, extreme pressure grease is specified. Thixogrease can be used as lubricating grease in all types of equipment including, but not limited to, bearings, pins and bushings, king pins and valves. It has been used successfully in most applications, including marine, agricultural, industrial, pulp and paper, and mobile equipment.

Thixogrease NLGI #2 grade is available in 440g tubes, 17kg pails, 55kg kegs and 180kg drums.  Thixogrease NLGI #0 grade is available in 17kg pails and 55kg kegs.

Technical Data:
Operating Temperature:
Thixogrease is suitable for applications at temperatures ranging from -18oC to 250oC (0oF to 480oF). At very low temperatures, Thixogrease retains its fluidity (or pumpability) and at very high temperatures Thixogrease retains its structural integrity. The dropping point of Thixogrease is greater than 300oC, allowing its use in applications with brief excursions to 260oC.
NLGI Specifications:
Thixogrease meets or exceeds the specifications of the NLGI GB-LB classification for heavy-duty chassis lubrication and medium wheel bearing applications.
Where possible, it is always recommended that old grease be thoroughly cleaned out of any bearing or housing prior to the application of new grease. In cases where this is impossible or impractical, the grease compatibility chart provided can be used as a general compatibility guide. However, caution must be exercised since the chart cannot encompass all brands of each grease classification.
Boundary Lubrication Protection:
Corrosion Protection:
Water Spray Resistance:
Thixogrease has been shown repeatedly to have an excellent Timken OK Load (ASTM D2509) rating of greater than 32kg. It has also been evaluated according the 4-Ball EP test (ASTM D2596) to yield welding load ratings of 500kg. Both these tests are commonly used to establish and compare the extreme pressure lubricating properties of greases. The picture below displays the condition of standard steel test balls after the 4-Ball EP test was run using two different lubricating greases under the same load. The welded balls on the left were immersed in typical grease while those on the right were protected by Thixogrease.
The thickener used to blend Thixogrease is known for its naturally superior corrosion inhibiting properties. The severe Salt Fog Spray Test (ASTM B117) evaluates the resistance of greases to corrosive salt water. The photograph below shows the difference in corrosion protection between Thixogrease and conventional lithium complex grease.
The water washout test (ASTM D4049) evaluates the extent to which grease can resist displacement from a surface by water spray. The photograph below clearly shows how effectively Thixogrease resists water washout, even during extended periods of concentrated water spray.
Whenever two greases with different thickener systems are mixed in-service, there is a possibility of incompatibility resulting in poor performance. It is always preferable and advisable to clean the old grease completely from the bearing prior to using different grease. In cases where this is impossible or impractical, see compatibility chart below that can be used as a guide for grease switchover.
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