Gen 49D should be applied in the following ratios: 1 liter of Gen49D to 1250 liters of diesel fuel (or 1 oz. per 10 gallons).
As fuel prices continue to rise higher than ever, consumers everywhere are focusing on energy-saving solutions, such as small, fuel-efficient vehicles and hybrid technology.  But, how can these rising fuel prices be diminished for those who are unable or unwilling to trade in their current vehicles?  Power Up presents Gen 49D, a fuel-saving diesel fuel conditioner that will save you money without any hefty down payments. Gen49D is has been specifically designed to work with and improve your diesel fuel.  This superior additive has been developed and refined using the latest technology to service all the requirements of today's demanding market.  Adding a small amount of Gen49D to every tank of diesel fuel allows you to keep your hard-earned money in your wallet.
Today’s ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuels place increasing demands on your engine. Sulfur is great for diesel fuel but not good for the air we breathe. Worldwide clean air programs have mandated increasingly lower sulfur content in fuels to reduce pollution and improve air quality.  However, the low sulfur content of these fuels adversely affects the performance properties of your fuel in the following three areas:

  • Lubricity – The process required to reduce sulfur by 97% also removes naturally occurring lubricity agents from diesel fuel.
  • Cold Flow – ULSD pour-point is worse than non-ULSD due to increased paraffinic fuel content.
  • Energy – In general, the process required to reduce sulfur also reduces the aromatics content and density of diesel fuel. This results in a reduction of energy content (BTU/gal) and negatively affects fuel mileage.

Gen49D mixes seamlessly with your diesel fuel to boost the lubricity, cold flow properties, engine efficiency and engine power. Ultimately, Gen 49D not only counteracts the deficiencies of ULSD, but goes above and beyond the required specifications of today’s diesel fuel.

Diesel engines are inherently dirty. High-temperature stresses on fuels and internal corrosion lead to the formation of solid particulates that can deposit onto and damage injectors, plug filters and decrease engine efficiency. Gen49D contains a powerful detergent package that cleans your fuel system and protects all surfaces against corrosive mechanisms. A clean engine operates more efficeintly, generates a higher energy output and uses less fuel. Field testing has demonstrated that up to 20% fuel savings can be achieved once Gen 49D has cleaned up your engine.

Cold weather can be extremely hard on your vehicle. Gen 49D has been developed to provide critical cold start protection to your engine. Gen49D has a special anti-gel component that keeps your fuel fluid in extremely cold temperatures. This will provide you with the piece of mind and comfort of knowing your vehicle will start when you turn the key.

From a chemical standpoint Gen49D is the most widely accepted product in the market place.  Both third-party lab testing and field trials have proven this time and time again.

Typical Canadian diesel fuel meets the regulated specifications provided by the Canadian General Standards Bureau (CGSB). Detroit Diesel, Cummins and Caterpillar manufacturers have more demanding specifications that are rarely met by fuel refineries and suppliers. Gen49D enables you to elevate the performance quality of your fuel to their standards by improving the cetane number, pour-point and lubricity. Gen 49D has no detrimental effects on any diesel fuel.*

*Testing concluded by the Alberta Research Council

Gen49D is your solution to the rising fuel prices, particulate build-up in your engine and winter fuel line gelling & freezing. It is an astounding product that you cannot afford to be without.

Try this fantastic product and you will be sold. In addition to savings on fuel, you will also be receiving the benefits of improved fuel lubricity, increased cetane content, reduced engine contaminants and excellent cold weather performance.