Power Up GasMaxx, formerly known as “Power Up for Gas,” is a one-shot, multi-functional, performance fuel additive for use in gasoline engines.

It benefits your engine and improves its performance by:

  • Reducing intake valve deposits
  • Keeping fuel injectors clean
  • Improving fuel economy
  • Reducing exhaust emissions
  • Minimizing octane requirement
  • Enhancing corrosion protection
  • Reducing maintenance of the fuel system and emissions-control equipment
  • Optimizing drivability by preventing rough idling, stalling and surging
  • Improves moisture absorption and reduces fuel-line freeze-up

Performance Testing

Intake valve deposit testing was performed according to ASTM D5500 on a 1985 BMW 318i. The vehicle was driven 10,000 miles (10% city, 20% urban and 70% highway) after Power Up GasMaxx was added to the fuel tank. The graph below clearly shown that valve deposits were greatly reduced through the use of GasMaxx.

Intake valve deposit testing was also performed on a Ford 2.3L engine.  During this test, the engine was run on standard gasoline for a 100-hour cycle  allowing deposits to form on the intake valves.  The standard gasoline was then treated with Power Up GasMaxx and the engine was run for a second 100-hour cycle.  GasMaxx removed 83% of the build-up that had accumulated on the intake valves.

Gasoline’s superior ability to prevent corrosion over un-additized gasoline. The corrosion rating scale is included for your reference.


NACETM-01-72 Billet Rating

Base Fuel



Power GasMaxx will not interact with or adversely affect the performance of other additives that may be present in your  gasoline and it is completely compatible with all engine and fuel system components.

Use 355mL (12 oz.) of Power Up GasMaxx in up to 20 gallons of fuel every 5,000 km (3,000 miles).   GasMaxx is available in a convenient 355ml (12 oz.) bottle.