Power Up New Zealand will prepare an application and cost estimate, listing machinery in individual componentry detailing the manufacturer's specified lubricant, the system capacity, the percentage and amount of Power Up to use, and the cost. Estimates are encased in a plastic folder, making them grease and grime proof. These estimates make excellent workshop records. Leave the guess work to us, we are the experts. Estimates are prepared for 4, 10, and 20 litre container sizes of Power Up.

This lubrication chart has been prepared in order to form the basis for the application of Power Up to the equipment quoted. Capacity figures and lubrication specifications are from information supplied by equipment manufacturer guides, and do not take into consideration any modifications or alterations to the equipment quoted. Please read our brochurebefore using Power Up. If unsure of an application, please contact us. Do not apply Power Up to limited slip differentials without further instruction. Power Up NNL 690 should be used for engine oil applications, and Power Up NNL 690G should be used in the other applications quoted. All capacity and application measures are in the metric measure of litres.         
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