Power Up GearMaxx is recommended for use in all types of mobile and industrial equipment wherever extreme pressure oils (API GL-3 or greater) are used. GearMaxx should be applied to the following components at a 5% addition rate:

  • Gear reducers
  • Bearing housings
  • Chain drives
  • Standard transmissions (excluding synchromesh transmission that should only incorporate GearMaxx at 3%)
  • Bull gears and pinions
  • Mud pumps
  • Differentials
  • Final drives
  • Cone and jaw crushers
  • Rotary tables
  • Tube and ball mills
  • Drop boxes
Primary Benefit of GearMaxx:
The primary benefit of Power Up GearMaxx is to reduce the friction caused by asperity (metal to metal) contact in the boundary lubrication regime. It is designed for lubricated systems that call for extreme pressure (EP) oils and engines requiring oils with low ash content.
Secondary Benefits of GearMaxx:
  • Reduces ultrasonic wear noise created by component wear.
  • Reduces dry start-ups.
  • Lowers operating temperatures and slows oil degradation.
  • Decreases wear in cold temperature applications (conventional EP additives are very dependent upon elevated temperatures to initiate their chemical reactions with metal surfaces). The high film strength protection provided by GearMaxx is less dependent on temperature.
  • Reduces fuel and/or electrical power consumption in many applications.
  • Improves filtration efficiency by reducing the generation of large wear particles.
  • Increases equipment availability and extends equipment life.
Product Application and Availability:
Power Up GearMaxx is intended for use in all types of mobile and industrial equipment where EP oils are required. It is applied at 5% of the gearbox capacity each time the oil is changed. GearMaxx should only be applied at 3% when thicker gear oils, greater than ISO 320, are used. For internal combustion engine crankcases employing low ash or ashless oils, GearMaxx should be applied at 3% of the oil volume with each oil change.  In special circumstances (listed below), GearMaxx should be applied at the following rates:

1.  Automatic transmissions: 1%,
2.  Power-shift transmissions: 3%,
3.  Circulating systems: 3% or 5%, depending on the severity of the service.

Power Up GearMaxx is compatible with mineral-based oils and with synthetic oils based on polyalphaolefins and diesters. At the recommended applications rates, it will not affect the viscosity of typical gear or engine oils, nor will it adversely affect seal materials. GearMaxx is not recommended for use with water-based fluids, phosphate esters or polyglycol fluids.

Special Notations:
Viscosity: at the recommended 5% application rate, GearMaxx has little to no effect on the viscosity or viscosity index of typical 90 weight gear oils.

Pour Point: GearMaxx is formulated to have a negligible effect on the pour point of typical gear oils.

Ash Content: GearMaxx has a very low ash content of less than 0.2%, making it suitable for use in the crankcases of engines requiring low ash or ashless oils.

Power Up GearMaxx is available in 1L bottles, 5L and 10L jugs, 20L pails and 205L drums.